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Joyce Gibbs- Deputy

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Register of Deeds

The Register of Deeds Office is responsible for maintaining and securing of the land records of the county.  The duty of the Register of Deeds is to record deeds, mortgages, assignments, releases, construction liens, tax liens (state and federal), UCC filings, plats, original instruments and writings presented to him or her for recording. The Register of Deeds is a public office.  In addition to the Public, this office is utilized by Title and Abstract Companies, Real Estate Companies, Banks, Law Firms, Appraisers and Genealogists.  No original is retained for permanent record with the exception of Plats.

Documents are first entered into the computer system which automatically generates the numerical tract as well as the grantor/grantee indexes.  All recorded documents are also microfilmed and scanned.  An instrument number is assigned to all documents recorded after March 2000, documents prior were assigned a book and page number.  Copies of any recorded documents are available to view or purchase for the public. 

Register of Deeds FAQ

What are the prerequisites to registration?

Payment of recording fees, payment of Real Estate Documentary Stamp Tax (for Deeds that require it and a 521 form completed) documents need  to be completed and notarized before being presented for recording.

Where do I find a 521 form?

Click Here

How much does it cost to record a document?

Recording fees are set by Nebraska Statute.

Does an instrument need to be notarized before it can be recorded?

deedsAlmost all instruments presented for recordation first must be acknowledged (notarized) before the Register Of Deeds can record the instrument.

Why can’t the Register of Deeds’ office help me to prepare a document?

Our office is charged with recording and acting as the custodian of records. We cannot, by law, assist in preparing such documents.

Can I get copies of my neighbors or other persons’ deeds and other recorded instruments?

Yes. Basically, all documents recorded are public records that are protected by the public records law. However, you first must provide the necessary fees for such before obtaining any copies.

If I lose or misplace my deed, how do I replace it?

The Register Of Deeds is authorized by law to certify as a true copy any instrument that has been recorded in the public registry. However, the necessary fee for such first must be paid by such person requesting said instrument.

Can I request that a copy of an instrument be mailed or faxed to me?

Yes. However, the necessary fee first must be paid before this service can be provided (copy fee).

How do I figure Documentary stamps for Life Estate/Remainder Interest?

Click Here: Documentary Stamp Tax

Filing Fees & Misc. Costs

Filing of Documents $10 for the first page and $6 for each additional page. There is no lot or section fee. Please leave a 3 inch space at the top of the first page when submitting.
Documentary Stamp Tax $2.25 per $1,000 of purchase price
Fixture Filings $14
State and Federal Tax Liens $10 for the first page and $6 for each additional page. These have to come from the Secretary of State’s office.
Photocopies Details can be found on our Photocopy Fee Sheet
All documents that need to be indexed against a legal description need to contain a legal description.


Register of Deeds office was established by the County Board of Commissioner’s December 15th, 1920 to commence January 1st, 1921.

Elected In Office Name
11-7-1922 1923-1942 C.W. Yost
11-13-1942 1942-1949 M.H. VanDoran

M.H. VanDoran resigned effective 3-31-1949 and Milton Baker was appointed.

Elected In Office Name
11-16-1950 1951-1954 Virgil D. Lewis (Milton C. Baker filed as a write-in)
11-2-1954 1955-1968 Clara Duke

Clara Duke resigned as of 10-1-1968 due to health.  William Smith was appointed to fill the position.

Elected In Office Name
11-3-1970 1971-1982 William T. Smith
11-2-1982 1983-2006 Bette Tatman
11-4-2006 2007-present Lois A Block

Fee is $20.00 for 24hours or $50.00 for a month and no charge to print copies.

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Real Estate fraud happens when identity is stolen. To sign up for notifications on any real estate recording pertaining to your property that you haven’t initiated, complete the form “Recording Notification Form“. The form will be sent to the Register of Deeds Office for processing. Thank you.