Rebecca Rossell – Lincoln County Clerk/ Election Commissioner, Ext. 4111
Nicole Fisher- Deputy Lincoln County Clerk/ Election Commissioner, Ext. 4113
Cheryl Orr – Accounts Payable, Ext. 4112
Nicole Fisher – Payroll, Ext. 4116
Roxanne Atteberry- Time/Attendance and Voter Registration, Ext. 4114
– Office Clerk, Ext. 4118

301 N Jeffers, Room 101
North Platte, NE 69101

308-534-4350 Ext. 4110 (p)
308-535-3522 (f)

9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Monday – Friday

Election Commissioner

 At the backbone of our whole political system is people’s right to vote.  The Election Commissioner assists in that right by maintaining the state’s election records and assisting county officials with conducting federal, state and district elections.  The department also works hand in hand to ensure compliance with all state and federal election laws.

The County Clerk’s Office does a wide variety of duties.  The County Clerk is secretary of the Board of Commissioners and is the custodian of all county board records.

Other Office functions include county payroll, accounts payable, marriage licenses, tobacco & liquor licenses, and military discharges.

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Marriage License Procedure

  1.  Fill out the information on these forms:  Info & Application worksheet
  2. Email to:   
  3. Call to make an appointment for you and your fiance to come to the courthouse
  4. Come to the County Clerks Office
  5. Bring you proof of ID (see below for more information)
  6. The fee is $25.00 cash or check only (exact change please)

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Marriage License Information

Requirements for a marriage license issued by Lincoln County

    1. Both applicants must be at least 17 years of age. In the State of Nebraska you can not marry if you are under 17.
    2. Parental consent is required for applicants who are under age 19. The parental consent forms are available at the County Clerk’s office.
    3. Both applicants must supply a form of photo identification (Example: Drivers license or passport).
    4. Will need to know the birthplace of both the applicants.
    5. Will need to know both parents full names, mother’s maiden name, and birthplaces.
    6. Social security number for both applicants shall be given, but if the applicant(s) does not have a social security number such applicant(s) may execute a waiver form.
    7. If either applicant has a previous marriage, you will need to know the date the marriage ended. (Date of divorce decree or date of death.)
    8. There are no blood tests required in the State of Nebraska.
    9. Marriage licenses are good for one (1) year from the date of issuance.
    10. The applicants may apply for their marriage license in any county in Nebraska and use it to be married in any County in Nebraska.
    11. The applicants need to be present to sign the application.
    12. The fee to receive a marriage license is $25.00. CASH or CHECK ONLY

 To receive a Lincoln County certified marriage license you will need to send the following information and a $9.00 cash, check or money order:

  • Name of Applicants
  • Month/Year of marriage (You must have received your marriage license in Lincoln County for us to send you a certified copy.)

 Please mail to:

Lincoln County Clerk
301 North Jeffers Rm 101
North Platte, NE 69101

Marriage Worksheet

Consent to Minor’s Marriage Form

Who may register to vote?

Anyone who:

  • Will be 18 years of age or older on General Election Day (First Tuesday after the first Monday in November)
  • Is a United States Citizen
  • Is a resident of Nebraska
  • Is not under sentence for a felony conviction, or if convicted it has been at least two years since you completed the sentence for the felony including any parole term
  • Is not found mentally incompetent
Am I already Registered?

You may check your registration here.

Who needs to re-register?

You must re-register whenever you change your name, your address or your political party affiliation. Failure to do so will result in a delay at your new polling site on election day.

What is the registration deadline?

Mail in registrations must be postmarked on or before the third Friday before an election. You may register in person at the election office on or before the second Friday prior to the election.

Will I receive notice that my mail-in registration his been accepted and processed?

Yes, if you completed the form correctly and mailed it by the deadline (Third Friday prior to the election). If you do not receive notification within 10 days that your registration has been accepted, call the Election Commissioner. In Lincoln County, Nebraska the Election Commissioner is the County Clerk. You are not a registered voter until you receive confirmation.
Voter Registration Form

Can you register online?

Yes!  Go to:

Early Voters Ballot Information

Who may apply for an early voters ballot?

Anyone who is registered to vote.

Is it possible to request an early voters ballot and register to vote by mail at the same time?

Yes, as long as this is done by the registration deadline.

How do I apply for and vote an early voters ballot?

Early Voters Ballot Application can be filled out online then mailed. Lincoln County Residents Mail to:
Lincoln County Clerk/Election Commissioner
Courthouse – 301 N. Jeffers St
North Platte, NE 69101

Complete form and mail to the Election Commissioner in your county or as indicated in Lincoln County. A ballot will be mailed to you or you may go to the Election Commission and vote at the office.

Early Voter ballots may not be voted at the County Clerk’s Office on Election Day. You must go to the polling place on Election Day or have an agent pick up an absentee ballot as indicated below.

May I have someone get an early voters ballot for me?

Any registered voter may request an early voters ballot by appointing an agent to personally pick up an early voters ballot for such registered voter from the office of the Election Commissioner. The registered voter or his or her agent shall sign the request. A candidate for office at such election and any person serving on a campaign committee for such a candidate shall not act as an agent for any registered voter requesting a ballot unless such person is a member of the registered voter’s family.

Overseas Voters

Nebraska Political Parties:
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The following state offices are nominated on a partisan basis:

  •  Governor
  • Secretary of State
  • State Auditor
  • State Treasurer
  • State Attorney General

The following federal offices are nominated on a partisan basis:

  • U.S. Senate
  • U.S. House of Representatives

The following county offices are nominated on a partisan basis:

  • County Commissioner
  • County Clerk
  • County Attorney
  • County Assessor
  • Register of Deeds
  • Clerk of the District Court
  • County Sheriff
  • County Treasurer
  • County Surveyor
  • County Public Defender

The other elected offices in Nebraska are nominated on a non partisan basis. 

Note: Political party enrollment is your choice, but in order to vote for a partisan candidate in a primary election, you must be enrolled in that political party. If you register nonpartisan, you will only be able to vote for ballot issues and nonpartisan candidates in the primary election.

Offices such as President, Governor, State and County officials are partisan, therefore if you register nonpartisan you will not be able to vote for them in a primary election. You may request a senatorial or congressional ticket of your choice if you are registered nonpartisan in a Primary Election. In General Elections everyone votes the same ballot.